Yus Gz Dominates New York

Yus Gz is the latest young artist to begin to dominate the rap scene in New York. His aggressive style and no mercy lyrics have quickly pushed him ahead of his competition. The self proclaimed “Face of The Bronx” has released hit after hit and shows no signs of letting up.

“Dead Locs” and “Dead Locs Pt 2” were the first signs of the young stars potential. Directly addressing multiple opps by name, Yus Gz shows no fear in his lyricism and compliments the sample beats with an aggressive delivery. Many have been critical of the drill style and sound of music coming out of New York the past year. It is a style that seems to be centered in New York and for the most part hasn’t spread to other parts of the country. However, with skilled artists such as Yus Gz creating new sounds over familiar beats the genre has a chance to spread.

Yus Gz latest video “PSA” pushes the artists hard hitting sound further with a grittier and darker sound than his past singles. “PSA” directly addresses opps similarly to his other records and was released a day after Yus Gz was allegedly shot in the back.

Watch “PSA” below:

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