Solo Jaxon Brings a New Sound on “Jungle” ft. Sylvan LaCue

Solo Jaxon has a unique sound and style that combines real hip hop lyricism with a new flavor that screams “I’m Here”. Unlike other new artist Solo Jaxon has a sound that’s familiar, classic and stands out without going too far outside of listener expectations. Sylvan LaCue has a similar sound and the two combined create their own world on “Jungle”.

“Jungle” represents a new style of real hip hop combined with stylistic elements that propel “Jungle” into a futuristic sound. Artists like Solo Jaxon and Sylvan LaCue have the bravery and artistic skill to stay true their sound instead of following blueprints set by other artists.

We look forward to more innovative music from Solo Jaxon.

Stream “Jungle” Below:

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