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The Wait Is Over – Tone October Drops New Single “i would’ve known”

Making his debut to the Grooverelly page is an artist I’m super excited about. Let me introduce you to the Los Angeles based artist, tone october. Recently dropping his newest single “i would’ve known”, this is only tone’s second official release. I found Mr. october back in 2020 when he dropped his first single “why don’t i feel the same”, which instantly turned me into a tone october stan. So, when I saw tone was dropping this weekend, I got more excited than a schoolgirl getting ready for prom. During the last year, tone has been experimenting with different sounds to develop his authentic, unique style, and teaching himself to play the guitar, as well as piano. With large influences from Pop, Alternative, and Funk, tone creates songs that span genres and highlight his bold and raspy vocals. Tone october proves that he is a notable force in the wave of rising independent artists. Tone’s newest single didn’t disappoint either, straight heat from start to finish…heavy replay value with this one. “i would’ve known” provides a different perspective than the typical scorned breakup song. It talks about processing the end of a deceitful relationship in a less toxic way. It discusses the feelings when you start to realize that something is “off” in the relationship and you know you’re being lied to, but you choose not to expose the other person right away. Instead, you wait to see how far they will go with the charade until they, ultimately, crumble under the weight of their own lies. 
I got to chop it up with tone, and the young artist hopes that this newest single “shows listeners the power of keeping your composure instead of being reactive and that you don’t have to fight fire with fire❤️”. As well as, helping listeners to process and cope with their own hurt and tough times in a way that allows them to keep their peace and stay positive, despite the negativity of the situation. Be sure to check out tone october, and his newest single “i would’ve known”, linked below!

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