Fran Vasilić – Maybe

Hailing from Croatia, Fran Vasilić has been making waves in the indie pop scene. Fran’s first feeling of virality was on September 16, 2020. Fran had posted a TikTok of him duetting the acoustic version of “Eyes Blue” by Sista Prod. Fran sang softly as the guitar played. The video to date has 20M views on TikTok (Watch Here) and would mark the start of Fran’s success with content creation.

I first came across Fran from his record “Japanese Pancakes”, off his project “Retrovizor” that released in 2020. I could tell that Fran was going to be something special back then and to see where he is now is quite special.

What drew me to “Maybe” was Fran’s raw infectious vocals. When first listening, my head was bobbing and my eyes were closed. The song made me stop what I was doing and just vibe along with Fran. Fran has a way with words, he says, “Oh, ’cause lately… I tend to answer with “maybe”… ‘Cause commitment seems so scary…”. Those three lines are very relatable. People have a hard time saying “yes” or “no” and saying maybe feels like you don’t have to commit to any plans.

Fran’s way of connecting with people is remarkable, whether its TikTok or his lyrics people are listeing to what Fran Vasilić has to say. “Maybe” is a song that will live for years to come.

I was super impressed with “Maybe” and I’m excited to hear what Fran Vasilić delivers us next.

Stream “Maybe” Below

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