Fxrroh Drops New Single “YOU”

2022 is going to be a big year for pop artist Fxrroh. You can hear her finding her sound more and more with each release, from the melancholic acoustic ballade ‘spaces’ to the recently featured indie pop track ‘IN COLOR,’ her sonic experimentation is paying off with her newest track, ‘YOU’ featuring a Grooverelly newcomer, LAYNE.  

YOU is produced by one of our editors, love matt, and frequent collaborator chris marek who provided the guitars for the instrumental. The fast and poppy beat sounds like something you’d hear in the Disney movie Sing if sing was based solely on the hyperpop/pop sound. Both vocalists fit this beat so perfectly; the way Fxrroh starts off this song with her soft but powerful voice is like something you don’t hear much and is followed by LAYNE who comes in with a very powerful verse you could not have expected. 

Matt sent me the song a few times as he was working on it and the end product combines alternative, pop, and hyperpop to create something truly special. As someone who doesn’t like any sort of pop, I have to add this to my Spotify likes because it is just that good of a song.

YOU feat. LAYNE is available on all platforms everywhere!

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