93feetofsmoke Drops First Single Of The Year “FUCKED OVER”

93FEETOFSMOKE drops his new single ̈FUCKED OVER¨ featuring Tosh the drummer and Phem. This song is a blast to the past pop punk song mixed with heavy 808s. The heavy, hard-hitting chorus repeating “Im pretty good at getting fucked, fucked over¨ will get stuck in your head and leave you wanting to listen over and over again. This 93’s first song of the year following the drop of his recent singles ‘Droptop ´cedes’,  ‘i see everything’, and ‘i´ve been outside’. 

This song is produced by Orion and Aaron Osborn and they did a phenomenal job with punchy drums and gritty bass. The mix and master is uncredited but I’m going to assume the mix was done by 93 himself. As I’ve been listening to the song the entire time I’ve been writing this and I’ve already learned all the lyrics which is a testament to the catchy nature of this track. The Phem verse comes in strong and powerful with their soft spoken emotional lyrics which is in stark contrast to not only the instrumental but with 93’s vocal delivery as well. 

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