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Cor Blanco Glows in debut album, GLOBOY

GLOBOY is Cor Blanco‘s first complete body of work, featuring 15 tracks over the course of 33 minutes and 3 seconds. I had not heard of the New York artist prior to this album, but was thoroughly impressed with Cor’s performance throughout.

GLOBOY begins with a cool, fresh flow in the intro and title track GLO BOY. Quickly, the album moves into a fast and shifty flow-driven song in TENET. Much of Cor’s strengths are extenuated through the melodic rap that he implements in these first two tracks. The third track, MAKEDA shows that Cor is not just here to rap over hard beats with a swagger as he brings out a softer side of himself. With a major flute melody and almost-spoken word rap at times, accompanied by a woman sampled as a background vocal. D’EVIL accompanies a smooth verse by collaborator Stacy Money, which is one of the album’s best performing tracks thus far.

The album stays very consistent to its sound quality throughout. Although implementing several different experimental hip-hop sounds across the entire album, the execution of these sounds remains stable and well-done. <3 U A LOT is a personal standout track that features a variety of flows and melodies by both Cor and featured artist NEMP.

This project is a great display of what Cor Blanco is capable of in the future and can bring to the table already with just his first tape. Check it out below and comment your thoughts on it!

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