Jack Harlow is Back, and he’s flexing with his Nail Tech

Last night (2/18), Jack Harlow released Nail Tech. has taken an extended back from music since his debut major label album in Thats What They All Say , which released last spring. Barring a number 1 hit feature on INDUSTRY BABY with Lil Nas X, Jack has been quiet for the most part. It had seemed that Jack was gearing up to begin a rollout towards the end of 2021 in SUVs (Black on Black), which featured Pooh Shiesty. Although the track performed decent, it never amounted to anything.

Last week, Jack released a new promotional video where he is seen speaking with his therapist, using both comedy and confidence to convey the creative block that he has experienced as of late.

Jack came out hard for his fans with this track who have been waiting, delivering with hard bars and a suave music video. “And I know I gave up drinking but I’m high though,” Jack is heard reflecting on some of his new lifestyles. He seems to growing into a more comfortable position as a top performer in the scene and is adapting to the limelight and expectations that come along with it as well.

One interesting thing to note about Harlow’s drop is that he back-dropped the new track coupled with WHATS POPPIN. This is often a tactic that artists use to continue building streams on past releases that will be included on an upcoming album. It is curious to see Nail Tech released as a 2-pack with a track that has been out for so long and was a part of two separate Harlow projects, in Sweet Action and Thats What They All Say.

Regardless of the intent, Harlow’s new track Nail Tech is surely a great song that utilizes horns and chant-samples to help elevate the tracks energy. Check out the new music video below!

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