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Yeat is 2 Alivë

Yesterday, highly touted artist Yeat released his debut major label album in 2 Alivë yesterday, February 18th. The hype for this album grew heavily over the past few weeks, as Yeat teased features from Gunna, Young Thug, as well as releasing a prealbum single in Still Countin, which was complemented by a music video with the legendary Cole Bennett. One of the best things for Yeat’s fans is that he drops a lot, and he drops fast. Yeat announced in January that 2 Alivë would drop mid-February, and sure enough the time has come.

The album starts with Poppin, which was teased at the end of the Still Countin music video released last Friday, and goes directly into a pop-influenced song featuring Young Thug. For as experimental as an artist that Yeat is, this song was interesting as the listener got to see Yeat bring new influences to his sound, as well as have Young Thug there as a complementary piece rather than a heavy anchor to the song. It is not often that you see young artists like Yeat carry songs past primetime features in Young Thug and Gunna. Rackz got më features Gunna, though Yeat sets up Gunna for a perfect open , which is finished with a charismatic and catchy chorus by Gunna. “Slatt slatt slatt slatt slatt… rackz rackz rackz rackz rackz”. Gunna followed the vibe that Yeat set up for him and brought his own YSL influence to the track as well.

The album is full of one liners that have put Yeat on the map. Lines ranging from “I just pulled up with the mud, I just pulled up with the team” , “Who was the first ones rockin that turb?”, “You not my twin, you not my bro”, and “I beat takin a perc but I don’t really get nervous”. Yeat displays nonstop personality across the 20 track album. Even more than that, Yeat effortlessly puts together choruses that have immense replay value.

Poppin has an incredible chorus that hooked fans as a low quality leak in the past couple of months, as Yeat says in his one of a kind, low voice “I need my drugs, I need my love….. I’m in the tonka baby, come show me love!” On the linë features a chorus where Yeat stunts, asking the question on everyone’s mind, “Yeah, how do he does it?”

There was much speculation about how the album would perform coming into this Friday, as Yeat’s long-time friend/colleague Kankan and long-time Youtube streamer Bobbalam exchanged words over how many sales the album would make (though the interaction stemmed from a misunderstanding/ misread information, as many disagreements do). Nonetheless, the exchange sparked many fans speculating what the album’s first week sales will be.

After it’s first day of being released, it is listed on Apple Music as the number 1 album across all genres, and no song has less than 2 thousand streams on Spotify. The album is a unique sound that is executed in a manner that nobody else is doing in the way that Yeat is. Check out the project below!

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