Cris Dinero Is Next Up – Drops New Project Requiem 4 a Dream

I’m very disappointed to say I just got put onto Cris Dinero! I have a lot of lost time to make up for, because this guy has been on repeat since his music was sent my way. Mr. Dinero, actually just dropped his album Requiem 4 a Dream. The lead single for this project, “No Way” was my intro to his music. The production alone on the song is so transcending. On top of that Cris Dinero has that fire vocal mix and delivery. His vocals on this song and throughout the whole project is top tier. The way Dinero can ride the beat and create these infectious melodies is a true display of his talent. I expect to hear more great music from Cris Dinero in the future, be sure to check out “No Way” and the rest of his project Requiem 4 a Dream all linked below! 

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