yards4le Turns Heads With Self-Titled Debut EP.

Yards4le is a collective out of LA and they have been on my radar ever since I was introduced to them back in September at one of our concerts. Ever since since then, I have been hooked onto their music. The group consists of six talented individuals: Sace6, Kennedyxoxo, Kenny Orlando, Killmesumday, Noahmadethiss, and SINNERSDEDX. The EP includes 10 total tracks for a duration of about 22 minutes.

The EP kicks off with a standalone track titled two faced which has Kennedyxoxo as the only featured artist. Kennedyxoxo does an eminent job setting the tone for the entire project as he sings over a guitar-esque hyperpop type beat. In this track, Kennedyxoxo pours all his emotion onto this track and develops catchy wordplay that can hook any listener in.

Track two is one of my favorites as it solely features Sace6 on the track titled halfway mine, which really hits home in many ways. Sace6 utilizes his vocals and creates a remarkable punk track which surpasses many of the mainstream style tracks in regards to quality.

Track three features such a distinct artist, Kenny Orlando on it’s all or nothing. Kenny Orlando’s glitchy and aggressive vocals over this hyperpop production makes for an all around great track.

Track four is one of my favorites in regards to production as it features a flip of Kesha’s Your Love Is My Drug, but in 8-bit form. The track, titled baby blow my phone up, features Killmesumday who does a superb job doing justice on this production. The catchy hook and gross-beated vocals make for an electrifying track all around.

SINNERSDEDX brings the emotional vibes on track five, in the dark. You can hear and sympathize with the lyrics being displayed within this track and become reminiscent.

Noahmadethiss brings the noise on track six, bad guy. Letting out distorted vocals over an already-distorted track, the track is excellent in regards to meshing two different genres like metal and hyperpop.

The two artists that initially got me hooked onto yards4le, Kennedyxoxo and Sace6, come together on track seven small town. Kennedyxoxo puts together such an emotional yet realistic chorus in regards to life. The way that both of these artists compliment each other is astounding.

Track eight, without u, features both the electrifying KennyOrlando and Noahmadethiss. This well crafted song really shows how much they put into it with the emotional singing and unforgettable chorus.

Killmesumday and SINNERSDEDX do their thing on track nine, through the storm, displaying versatility and more. The way they both are able to bounce off of each other musically is something that keeps bringing me in.

To conclude the EP, track 10, IDRWTAI, features all of the artists in yards4le. It’s such a beauty hearing all of them one track and exceed all the expectations anyone would have. This is an excellent way to wrap up this project, showing how far they have came as a group and how much farther they can go.

It’s no doubt in my mind that yards4le is only getting started. Being a relatively small collective, they have found a way to turn heads of those who are big in the music scene and impress those around them. Being a fairly new listener, it was only right to show the world how talented this group is as well as the artists individually. Make sure y’all keep an eye out on them because when they blow up, it’ll be over and you’ll wish you hopped on the wave.

Check out yards4le’s debut EP down below!

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