Shugg Remains on Top with “Doggy On Me”

Massachusetts based rapper Shugg just recently released a hot single titled “Doggy On Me,” which emphasizes how he’s really the next one to blow up.

Shugg uses his ear-catching voice to lay down a memorable hook in which one of my favorite bars are “I put drug dealers back in style.” It’s currently his biggest song on Spotify where it has already amassed over 5 Thousand streams since it’s release back in September.

With a beautifully crafted production of trap drums and a low-frequency melody, Shugg’s vocals match the tone.

It’s no doubt that Shugg is the next to blow in not only Massachusetts, but also in general. His monotone yet captivating vocals make each track he puts out exciting from the jump. Don’t be surprised if he blows within the next six months and becomes a household name.

Check out “Doggy On Me,” down below!

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