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IMSICKOFJUN & C2D Become Angelic on “Retail Therapy”

Fan favorite IMSICKOFJUN is back on our page with a very unique track titled Retail Therapy which is accompanied by close friend and artist C2D.

IMSICKOFJUN has always been a one-of-a-kind artist. The way he’s able to flow on every track has been impressive and his distinctive sound really separates himself from the rest. An artist we’re debuting on our page is C2D, who is most known for his song With My Hoe! which gained major traction and went viral on social media platform TikTok.

Retail Therapy is also followed up with a music video which is directed by Maurtinez, who is infamous for working with big named underground artist like Kankan, Lil Gnar, and more. The video is edited by Banzaitrbl, who has worked alongside Elan Bia.

First of all, I just wanted to talk about these two artists glide over this pluggnb production with ease. C2D does an excellent job setting the tone for the track as he carries the hook while following up with a creative verse. About 1:09 into the track, IMSICKOFJUN flows heavily on this track. The way his verse had my head bopping just knew that this was one of my favorite verses from him.

The music video is shot at a consignment shop in Dallas, TX, named Human Dior which makes sense hence the song titled Retail Therepy. The VFX fit the song perfectly. The wavy lyrics and effects make for a perfect duo.

It’s no doubt that IMSICKOFJUN and C2D are the duo that we never thought we needed. The versatility shown by these artists is something that will take them a long way.

Check out Retail Therapy down below!

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