XANAKIN SKYWOK’s sense of humor goes beyond lyrical choices

XANAKIN SKYWOK is unlike any other rapper. He takes the rap genre and creates his own twist with it: metal-like screaming of humorous, vulgar and carefree lyrics. It’s clear that he loves what he does, and he has more fun while in the booth than most people in the industry.

XANAKIN first caught public attention with the July 2019 releases of “Baby Boomer” and “Aladdin” on all platforms. These short, yet action-packed tracks quickly drew in an audience looking for music that can help produce multiple feelings: motivation, the release of held-up anger and pure enjoyment. Listeners truly never know what XANAKIN will say next while listening to any of his tracks.

The masked-up artist first experienced an industry welcoming by receiving millions of streams on a single song with the release of Mathias Tyner-produced “Macho!” This track contains SKYWOK’s signature aggressive flow on top of latin-inspired horns and trap beats, and from this track on, the horn-filled beats continue to shine through in a lot of his music. The beat of “Macho!” is also heard in Sinoda’s viral “Kujo Freestyle,” also produced by Tyner. XANAKIN and Sinoda have collaborated a few times, on the danceable hits “Abrakadabra” and “Limo Boys.” 

SKYWOK collaborated with fellow Saber Gang artist Sadfriendd on “Jazz Hands.” The two talents clearly have similar creative processes, as their divergent styles mix well together on this track, as well as others they joined forces on. At the beginning of the track, listeners hear Sadfriendd’s flow, much different from XANAKIN’s style, before SKYWOK jumps in with his signature sound, truly setting the track aflame before it starts alternating between the two collaborators. 

SKYWOK’S latest track, “Zoomerang (feat. $atori Zoom),” produced by AVGOTDRIP, immediately grabs listeners’ attention with the entrancing sample from WEEDMANE’s “SUICIDE YEAR,” followed by an instant jump into XANAKIN’s raspy and audacious flow.

Grooverelly’s Hannah Burkhart interviewed XANAKIN SKYWOK, and the interview lasted approximately two minutes due to XANAKIN’s short, humorous answers, proving the artist’s sense of humor is not limited to his music.

Hannah: Your music truly combines multiple genres into one: mainly metal and hip hop. What, or who, are your influences? How did you use your influences to develop such originality?


H: You have collaborated with tons of rising talents with similar vibes. Who has been your favorite to work with thus far?


H: How did you come up with your name?


H: You are dropping tracks pretty regularly at this point, and consistency is key in the industry. What are your plans for the future of your career?


H: You typically hop on beats with loud claps and some latin-influenced instrumentals. Do you ask for these types of beats from producers you work with? Do you think they work best with your flow?


H: Your lyrics are often a mixture of relentlessness and humor. How does your creative process usually go?


Listen to XANAKIN SKYWOK’s discography below:



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