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Drake Revealing CLB Features via Billboards

Just days after announcing his highly anticipated album “Certified Lover Boy,” Drake has begun revealing the features via billboards in their respective cities. So far, confirmed features are from Young Thug, Future, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Jay-Z, Lil Durk, Giveon, Ty Dolla $ign, Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross.

In Atlanta, the billboard reads “HEY ATLANTA, SLIME, PLUTO, SAVAGE, AND BABY ARE ON CLB.” Although it’s a cryptic message, it’s not hard to decipher as Young Thug is notoriously known as SLIME, Future goes by PLUTO, SAVAGE meaning 21 Savage, and it goes without saying that BABY is Lil Baby.
In New York, the billboard reads “HEY NEW YORK THE GOAT IS ON CLB.” At first, this could mean a handful of artists from New York, but after further research, Jay-Z is considered to be Drake’s GOAT.
In Chicago, the billboard reads “HEY CHICAGO SMURK IS ON CLB.” This goes without saying that Lil Durk’s nickname in his hometown Chicago is SMURK.
Last but not least(for now), the billboard in California reads “HEY CALIFORNIA GIVEON AND TY DOLLA ARE ON CLB.” Giveon is known for working Drake heavily and we all know and love Ty Dolla $ign as a legend when it comes to features.
CLB Billboard spotted in Toronto.
Another CLB Billboard spotted in Toronto.
Another CLB Billboard spotted in Toronto. One of my personal favorites.
Billboard spotted in Cleveland that reads “HEY CLEVELAND CUDDER IS ON CLB.” Kid Cudi is infamous for going by CUDDER
Billboard spotted in Toronto that reads “HEY TORONTO THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE SIGNED ME IN 2009.” Lil Wayne is infamous for being signed and forming YMCMB and bringing Drake on board.
Billboard spotted in Miami that reads “HEY MIAMI THE BIGGEST BOSS IS ON CLB,” which means Rick Ross is a confirmed feature. Rick Ross is known as the BOSS as stated in his songs.
Billboard spotted in New Orleans that reads “HEY NEW ORLEANS, THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE IS ON CLB.” Drake and Lil Wayne have ties that date back to over a decade ago.
Billboard spotted in Houston that reads “ HEY HOUSTON THE HOMETOWN HERO IS ON CLB.” It’s no doubt that this is referring to Travis Scott. Hailing from Houston, TX, Travis Scott is a guaranteed feature on CLB.

It’s no doubt that Drake timed his album perfectly, just announcing it a couple days after Kanye West’s DONDA. This is also a unique technique when it comes to revealing features for a highly anticipated album. Will Drake sell more than Kanye West on his first week?

Let us know if you see any billboards in your city/state that we missed! We’d love to hear about it.

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