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INTERVIEW: BadMoodRude’s entrancing music continues to prove growth, creativity

BadMoodRude has a unique, otherworldly sound, from their vocals to the way they carry their voice across the production. They said the soulfulness in their voice is influenced by their emotions. Whenever they are in a funk while songwriting, they listen to Lenny Kravitz, Tracy Chapman, Clairo, Claud and d0llywood1. They don’t listen to some of these acts regularly, but they seem to be the secret ingredient when the artist hits writer’s block.

BadMoodRude has been making music for nearly three years, but they have been in the industry for double the time. They worked as a music promoter for six years in the New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania areas.

Like their vocals, the production of the New York artist’s music is unique and dreamlike. BadMoodRude finds their beats by searching through a variety of producers’ beats on YouTube. They make their music at Blackdog Recording Studios with recording engineer Paul Rusinko, because the two have developed a chemistry when it comes to music creativity. BadMoodRude’s typical creative process typically starts with songwriting, then searching for beats that match the emotions of the songs they have written, and then putting it all together in the studio with Rusinko.

BadMoodRude’s most streamed song is “All She’ll Ever Be Is Not Me.” The song is empowering to anyone who listens, acting almost like a bandage to broken egos. BadMoodRude said the messages they receive from fans explaining how much the artist’s music has impacted their lives are what truly keeps them going in their career.

“I guess it’s very easy to feel discouraged when you’re making things, but I get messages all the time from people telling me how much a song means to them, and it makes me feel really good,” BadMoodRude said. “Because the reason I started making music was because my grandma told me to, and she passed away right after … So the reason I keep making music is because of the feedback I get from people.”

BadMoodRude wrote their popular track “If I Make You Sad” by their grandmother’s side as she took her last breaths. They wrote the lyrics from their grandmother’s point of view. Growing up, they spent every day with their grandma, and they wanted to spend her final moments with her, while piles of people who did not reach out while she was well went to visit her. “If I Make You Sad” is a track about the fact that people never truly show they care until you are gone or nearly gone.

BadMoodRude sings in a melancholy tone throughout the chorus of “If I Make You Sad,” “When you cry, you look so lovely / If I make you sad, will you love me?”

The versatility in BadMoodRude’s voice throughout the different tracks in their discography is next-level. They go from high-pitched, to monotone, to quiet, to loud, and so on. Nearly all of their different vocal styles can be heard in the single song “Worst in Me,” as they switch styles between verses.

BadMoodRude released their EP, Baby Teeth, on August 27. They said the EP is the beginning of a new sound compared to their old music. The New York artist explained that the single “Cherry Soda Pop,” released on August 8, was a bridge from their old music to Baby Teeth. BadMoodRude has always had a talented high-pitched style of singing, but has not necessarily taken it and created entire projects using it, until Baby Teeth.

“Born to Suffer,” a track from Baby Teeth, allows listeners to hear BadMoodRude’s inner thoughts when it comes to their experiences in life, as well as the way these experiences have affected their mental health. Some people seem to be born with bad luck, and BadMoodRude sings from the perspective of one of these seemingly “doomed” people.

Listen to BadMoodRude’s latest release, Baby Teeth, below!



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