637Godwin Changes Name to 2Gaudy: Releases Surprise Project on SoundCloud

I’m sure at some point, we’ve all heard of the artist name 637godwin. Although some of y’all may not be familiar with him just yet, it’s time to do that now. The 20-year-old artist based out of Tampa Bay, Florida has been showing serious mainstream waves with his unique take on the sad-rap genre and also showcasing versatility. Just as of recent, 637godwin is no longer the moniker he prefers to go by as the new alias is 2Gaudy, which has only been changed on SoundCloud and a brand new page on Spotify.

2Gaudy is best known for his melodic flows and heart-catching hooks by displaying true emotions like artists Juice Wrld, Trippie Redd, and other artists on the same level. Just lately though, 2Gaudy is back to being an independent artist as he had a brief stint with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. Details on that are unknown at the time of this article.

Just two days ago, 2Gaudy released a surprise project on SoundCloud titled “I’ve Been Reflecting, But I’m Still Here,” which has a total of 8 tracks. The production credits include DxnnyFxntom, Gee Hues, Jug, Juggington, Daks, Voyce, Prodtjay, and Siemspark. The project came as a surprise as the description for the project reads

“its been an interesting year for sure

i wasnt planning on dropping this today, none of these songs have an any correlation to eachother, this is just a compilation of few of the songs ive made during the best and worst year of my life.

not all the songs are mixed properly and honestly i dont care”

The EP shows a lot of potential that 2Guady has. Being only 20 years old, the future is bright for him. The first track of the project, titled “Everything,” is arguably my favorite song as he does an excellent job singing about reality. 2Guady is truly his best when he exhibits raw emotions which really hooks any listener going through hardships. 

With having 34.1K followers on Instagram at the time of this article, it’s no doubt that he has a loyal and cult-like fan base. 2Gaudy also has 26.3k followers on SoundCloud alone which is impressive since people don’t typically follow on Soundcloud as much as other social media platforms. 

Check out “I’ve Been Reflecting, But I’m Still Here,” down below!

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