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ChrisTracy Brings Majestic Flow on “30’ Round”

An artist who I’ve briefly covered in the past is one that I’m becoming more and more a fan of is Dallas artist ChrisTracy. I first introduced him about a month ago when he was featured on Naawoj’s album which was compiled with a lot of my favorite artists.

I’ve been keeping close tabs on ChrisTracy ever since I became intrigued by his sound and he just recently released a song called “30’ round,” which features production by Earz, iamsynthetic, and onesharkboy.

ChrisTracy’s sound is so unique and I’m glad that I never know what he may release next. He always has something up his sleeve when it comes to his tracks and it’s refreshing. He does an excellent job gliding over this laid back yet futuristic production and compliments it very well. 

One word I would describe ChrisTracy’s sound is majestic. After listening to the majority of his discography, I can guarantee you that any song from him would get you hooked and become a fan. I’d be on the serious lookout for ChrisTracy due to his very unique take on music and how magical his flows are. 

Check out “30’ round,” down below!

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