Ned Kelly and Steele 11 Bring the Smoke on “BET IT UP”

The SoundCloud algorithm has been immaculate in recent times as it has helped me find criminally underrated artists like Ned Kelly, who I am about to introduce to y’all.

On the front cover of the “The Upload,” playlist on SoundCloud was a very intriguing cover art and I couldn’t help but check the track out. I was introduced to a very talented artist by the name of Ned Kelly who I knew needed immediate coverage. The track I stumbled upon is titled “BET IT UP,” which is accompanied by a feature from the up-and-coming Steele 11 and is produced by Grooverelly fan favorite Curtains.

The energy that both Ned Kelly and Steele 11 bring to the track is unmatched. With Ned laying down a very captivating hook and setting the tone from the start. The way that Steele 11 executes this beautifully crafted production later on in this track really goes to show that these two make for a stunning duo.

It’s no doubt that Ned Kelly is on his way to the top if he keeps releasing tracks like this. I will keep myself updated on him and make sure to keep an eye out on any future tracks from him. I can guarantee you that this won’t be the last time we cover him.

Check out “BET IT UP,” down below!


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