juno Gets First Music Video With Overcast for “runaway”

Arizona-based video production company Overcast is one of the most underrated creatives throughout the music scene who always do an excellent job of highlighting the underground music scene. Just today, the collective put out a music video for an artist by the name juno for his single “runaway.”

Although I couldn’t find much information on juno, I could tell you immediately that I got hooked on his music with this elegant single. The single, produced by ryo and hallow, really sets the tone for how the song is going to be. With a mellowed out guitar in the beginning before the chorus hits, it really builds up the song and the drop hits out of nowhere. With keys being placed sophisticatedly,  it creates the origin of juno and where he began creating music. I could tell you right now that from my own personal research as I’m typing this article, he’s coming from the hyperpop scene and I can tell he’s here to stay. 

Overcast does an amazing job with the video, per usual. With the music video taking place in a classroom, it really  foreshadows the lyrics that he brings up such as “And I got caught skipping all my classes.” As the video progresses, he’s seen running out of the school as running away, hence the track name runaway, and just causes such chaos. The visual effects used by Overcast fit perfectly with juno’s energy and lyrics in this song.

It’s no doubt that juno has a bright future ahead of him if he keeps it up. This was the first song I heard by him and I was hooked immediately. I definitely recommend it if you haven’t heard of juno, this is the track to listen to.

Check out the runaway video down below! 

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