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Caleb Peters – “Carousel Remix” feat. Devault

Caleb Peters is a 18 year old singer songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. Caleb released his first official track in 2019 and saw his first major success after he went viral on TikTok with a cover he made of The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather”, (View TikTok Here). The virality of the video skyrocketed Caleb’s social media and cultivated a fanbase around him.

The growth helped him launch his single “Carousel“, a chill upbeat pop anthem. Caleb’s vocals on “Carousel” entrance me every listen, his unique voice and creative style are what draws listeners in. Caleb sings of relationships and teenage heartbreak, he’s truly a heart throbber. What struck me most listening was how professional sounding the mix of Caleb’s vocals were and the production. Plan to see more of Caleb Peters in 2021.

Stream “Carousel Remix” feat. Devault Below

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