Kbackwoods Is Coming For Necks on “ALL$TAR”

Grooverelly fan favorite Kbackwoods just dropped a hidden gem with a SoundCloud exclusive titled “ALL$TAR,” which features J3MOB. Kbackwoods has been one one of my favorite artists to watch in his recent times with his versatility and rendition in the music scene.

The single is accompanied by SMAGGS who produced the track and perfected it. This is the first track I have heard personally from J3MOB and he did this thing on this track. Starting the track off strong with a very catchy hook while maintaining a very melodic flow over this complicated beat. Kbackwoods exceeded expectations on this track with his well-mixed vocals and coming onto the track making sure his presence is known.

There’s no doubt that Kbackwoods is up next and the whole world is about to see it sooner than later. His ability to hop on any beat and kill it is what most artists can’t do. Keep an eye out on Kbackwoods before it’s too late. 

Check out “ALL$TAR,” down below!


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