Glaive Shows True Teenage Angst on “all dogs go to heaven”

Glaive is best known for being one of the pioneers of the experimental music genre, hyperpop. The genre-bending sound has been taking the music scene by storm with its upbeat tempo along with emotional lyrics that could be hard to catch at first amid the electronic sounds.

Glaive(aka Ash Gutierrez) just released his sophomore EP under Interscope Records, “All Dogs Go To Heaven.” The eight-track project is filled with teenage angst, heartbreak, sentiment, and many more emotions.

This EP integrates so many sounds in one small project. 16-year-old Glaive has mastered the experimental sound this last year as he’s sitting around 900k monthly listeners which is 900k more than he had this time last year. His catalogue of music is so versatile. You can find a little bit of everything whether you enjoy a mellow acoustic sound, or maybe even something more aggressive with heavy-hitting drums and glitch-like sounds which make up hyperpop. 

The first track “1984,” is co-produced by Internet Money Records ‘Nick Mira and Whethan,” where the song starts off slow and soothing. As the song progresses, the intensity also progresses with frantic drums and distorted sounds which mirrors Glaive’s emotions.

With tracks like “I wanna slam my head against the wall,” and “detest me,” you can catch very similar vibes as it’s trap-substantial and distorted sounds. 

As much as I’d like to review each track individually, you would just have to listen to it. Each track will have a different approach depending on the listener. Some may find this project to be exciting, filled with joy, and for others, this may hit home for them as I did for me.

Glaive did an excellent job covering mental health and the reality of how life is in this project. He has proved so much in just a year and I’m nothing but proud of him. The 16-year-old has so much in store for him. The only direction he’s going is up from here. 

Check out “All Dogs Go To Heaven.” Down below!

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