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Autumn! Shortens the Wait with “Not Much Longer”

The Houston-native Autumn has been in his own lane lately with his one-of-a-kind flow and absurd beat selection. Although I’m a little unsure that he’s still a part of the collective Slayworld, it seems as though he’s proven capable of growing on his own.

Autumn(aka twinuzis) just dropped a six-track EP Not Much Longer which keeps his fans satisfied as he’s been teasing the long awaited sequel to Ils Verront. Although the EP is only six tracks, it’s still packed with heat as it surpassed my expectations. The cover art features another Houston-native, Lil Playah who is notorious for hanging with Autumn!

Although every track is wonderful in their own way, “Wants!” Is the one track that is my personal favorite. The project has so much variety although it’s just short which is mind-blowing. 

The song “Wants!” has production that reminds me of this new wave that’s taking over. One of my favorite lines in that song is “Gotta start putting my hoes on Yeat because they can’t stop saying Sorry About That,” which pays homage to his close friend and colleague in the music scene. 

There’s absolutely no doubt that Autumn is on his way up to the top. The immaculate production he chooses on top of his unmatched wordplay will take him a long way. He’s already proven a lot just over these last few years and it may just be time that he hits the mainstream.

Check out “Not Much Longer,” down below!

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