Who Did It Better? – Rocstaryoshi or Malik(Ibiza/Cup of Tea)

Rocstaryoshi has been a fan-favorite of ours for a long time. Whether he’s perfecting his craft in the digi-style rap or venturing out into the emotional side of things, he’s definitely been an exciting artist to watch this last year.

Another artist who I’ve paid attention to this last year is Malik. I got hooked onto his music last Summer with his single “All Girls Are The Devil,” which carries a very catchy hook and raspy vocals. Malik is also such an exciting artist to watch, especially with how underrated he is in the music scene.

Rocstaryoshi released a single titled “Ibiza,” back in March of this year and was a hit from the start. Displaying a catchy hook over production by Bailey, makes for the perfect feel-good song. Before the release of the single, the snippet was circulating online and was very sought after. 

Malik on the other hand, released a single titled “Cup of Tea,” back in May of this year which is also produced by Bailey. The beat is almost identical, carrying the same melody, drums and bridge but it only missing the bass line. Malik’s version of this is absolutely amazing as it’s more of a laid back vibe and is perfect to listen to for a confidence boost. 

It’s no doubt that both Rocstaryoshi and Malik did their thing on this beat but I’m curious to see what y’all’s thoughts are on these different yet similar tracks?

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