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The Leesta Interview

Alaskan artist and producer Leesta has been one of my favorite artists to watch these last two years as he’s been constantly putting out heat. I had the opportunity to sit down with the producer-turned-artist to get a perspective of his music journey.

Erik Young: I’ve been a big fan of yours for these last two years now. How would you say that things have changed for you these last couple of years?

Leesta: Recently I have been becoming more focused on my music because I always feel like I’m running out of time to succeed how I want. I also feel like my music is really the place where I talk about my emotions and personal shit in my life now, it wasn’t really like that two years ago.

Erik Young: What was your biggest influence/inspiration to make music?

Leesta: I’ve had so many different inspirations/influences over time it’s hard to pinpoint the biggest. I have always known I’m gifted and felt like I’m chosen to do music and record no matter what.

Erik Young: I understand you were once a producer and have produced for big underground names such as Lil Tracy, Summers, & Autumn to name a few. What was that like working with such talented people?

Leesta: It was fun. Seeing some of my peers have success, how they do, definitely motivates me and shows me it’s possible to run it up by yourself with just a mic.

Erik Young: What encouraged you to transition over from producing to being a full blown artist?

Leesta: I knew I was hard af so I just started recording and posting my music.

Erik Young: Has covid-19 affected you in any way in regards to music?

Leesta: Covid has just kept me kinda isolated working by myself. But I was like that before Covid anyways so maybe it didn’t change that much

Erik Young: I’m aware that you’re from Alaska and may currently reside there. Do you think that living there instead of a more active music scene has affected your traction?

Leesta: I somewhat do, I just notice whenever I go out of state and take trips my career goes so much better. People don’t just wanna see me in my house in Alaska they wanna see me out doing shit for my career in the Lower 48.

Erik Young: What is the creative process when it comes to making music?

Leesta: I usually just put on the beat and start punching in bar after bar. Sometimes but barely write, if I’m in an artistic mood.

Erik Young: It’s safe to say you have been creating waves. How does it feel to be a pioneer to some of the current music scene?

Leesta: It’s cool I have a lot of love for my supporters and it’s weird to see some of the artists I influenced that I didn’t even think looked up to me. Sometimes I feel like I don’t give myself enough credit.

Erik Young: Are there any future projects that we should be looking forward to?

Leesta: Yes I have multiple projects on the way. For my supporters who are really tuned in I have Dedication 2 coming maybe on all platforms too who knows

Erik Young: Why should people listen to Leesta?

Leesta: They should listen if they like my music, if not that’s ok too go listen to what you love

Erik Young: Is there anything you would like to mention to your fan base as well as ours?

Leesta: Be on the lookout for new videos, music, fashion all angles from me 2021 2022 infinity.

It’s no doubt that Leesta has some exciting news for his true die-hard fans. I love how he is truly himself and doesn’t try to act like anybody else. His genuine self is going to take him places.

My personal favorite songs by him are RIP, No Trends, Outta Nothing, and Kate.

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