Onlybino! Drops Butterfly Doors

Sometimes the Spotify algorithms bless me with hidden gems of music from rising artists, and that’s exactly what happened this week when I stumbled across Onlybino!. This young rapper is from Southern Florida, and is steadily making a name for himself in the underground and music industry with the help of TikTok. I would describe Onlybino!’s sound as a mix of plug and rage genres, with him perfectly combining the two, as well as, adding his own unique style and vocal flow. Bino recently released his latest single, “Butterfly Doors,” produced by, Katlightning. This track has the perfect mellow vibe feeling to it, with heavy hitting bass. Bino also continues to demonstrate how vocally gifted he is with his infectious flows on the track. I’m excited to see what’s up next for Onlybino!. Tap in now, or be late to the party! 

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