Oliver Francis Gives Thanks to His “Friends”

It’s not often that an artist can keep or peak my interest towards their music for a couple years before I forget about them but that’s just not the case with Oliver Francis. The Missouri artist has been leveling up this year with music that speaks the ultimate truth while providing a good time with top-notch productions.

Oli just came out with a new single titled “FRIENDS,” where he talks about how he’s been rocking with his day-one friends. His friends have played a huge part in his come-up and makes the story even better because after doing some research, his friend group looks like absolute fun to be around with positive energy. The friends that he are referring to in the single are the ones that helped Oli form the collective ‘Cloudboys’

The dark keys immediately caught my attention along with the immense bass line. The way that Oli is capable of blending genres like rap, trap, and vapor wave really goes to show how hard he goes to make sure he stands apart from the rest.

Oli has been one of my favorite artists since 2017 when my former best friend showed me him and I’ve been hooked since. I definitely believe that if Oli can keep up the consistent releases, he will keep growing the fan base that he deserves.

Check out “FRIENDS” down below!


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