The Seventh Angelo Interview

Seventh Angelo is an artist that I’ve been a fan of since early 2018 with his album “Love Over Fear.” Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on his music and he’s gotten better with each individual release. To be frank though, I’ve been a personal fan of his when he was one of the most followed content creators on the now-defunct video app Vine back in 2013/2014. His music has the true ability to draw anybody in with his catchy melodies and feel-good vibes. My personal favorite song from Angelo is “WHERE 2 GO,” which was released back in May of 2020. Today I had the privilege to get a chance to speak to Seventh Angelo and ask him some questions about his journey!

Erik Young: First of all I wanted to say thank you so much for wanting to do this interview with me. I’d love to hear the story on what got you into making music?

Angelo: Thank you for even giving me the opportunity to open myself up a little more. In highschool I just saw the underground music scene and people looked like they were having fun lmao. It slowly turned into a way to express my emotions, growing up you go through a lot of stuff internally. It’s like a personal therapist that knows everything without you explaining

Erik Young: Did you happen to do this all with no management and/or any major label backings?

Angelo: Yeah, everything so far has just been me and the help of some friends that genuinely wanna see me win, a blessing fr

Erik Young: What was it like knowing that you were one of Vines most popular content creators?

Angelo: Recently, like 2020 it hit me that I really made an impact in people’s lives lol. I started vine when i was like 15 being bored with my best friend. We didn’t go to the same school though so I happened to be just at home after school all the time and I’d just make videos of what I was thinking at the time. I definitely had goals like people to pass in followers, but the whole thing felt like a video game? Like it wasn’t really popularity to me, felt like some little hood fame shit lmfao. Idk if it’s me being oblivious or being ridiculously humble but the main thing I took away from it was how much i made an impression on people’s lives worldwide, making them feel comfortable to be them, making people feel good when they needed it in dire times without me even physically being there. Another blessing. I was going to stop making videos in general and focus on music but why would I cut off a way to reach people’s hearts you know.

Erik Young: How did you feel when Vine became defunct?

Angelo: I treated it more like a hobby than a NEED to be at a certain follower amount, that being said I slowed down and stopped making vines before the actual RIP moment of Vine. However, in that moment I realized all the memories I had growing up on that app, all funny videos and all the people I met on there. It’s a sad thing to see, it’s like growing a tree and watching someone chop it down. I met the majority of my current friends through Vine though so I still got the apples from the tree.

Erik Young: Did you expect your music to get as big as it is today?

Angelo: Fuck no. I didn’t even wanna put my music out. My friends really pushed me to get to that point. Like I said before at that point I was treating music as a personal hobby/therapy session thing. My music is kind of emotional as I go through what I go through, I appreciate that people like my sound and how I go about the whole thing.

Erik Young: Who were some of your favorite artists growing up as well as current favorite artists?

Angelo: I wasn’t really listening to music in a sense of knowing certain artists’ names when I was little. I started really really listening in high school so Drake of course….I was about to list more artists but really I was listening to random soundcloud artists and producers for the longest until the Famous Dex/Lil Uzi era. I listen to Yeat a lot at the moment though lmfao. His sound is pretty crazy, gets me in that mode

Erik Young: What are some dream collaborations?

Angelo: Drake would be really nice for my soul, Dwn2earth, Travis Scott & Kanye

Erik Young: Any big plans in the future for yourself that your fans should know?

Angelo: Love Over Everything. Not the next project but LOE will be my most carefully worked on project yet….when I get to it lol.

Erik Young: When should we expect the next release?

Angelo: In the process of finishing up a project at the moment, im pushing for an august release, but if not september fasho.

Erik Young: Why should people listen to ‘Seventh Angelo’?

Angelo: My main sound. There are times, after you listen to the hype music (at least for me), that you want a calm mind. Night time to raw morning time specifically 1am-6am type music. Music where you probably with someone you vibe really well with and both of y’all might be high and just really relaxed. At the same time I’m talking about feelings that people go through that others are too egotistical to speak on, Or people might not even know they are going through those motions but they really feel that shit lol. Listen to Seventh Angelo if you wanna meditative vibe is what i’m saying.

Erik Young: Is there anything you would like to say to any up and coming artists on how to be successful?

Angelo: Ay man, in general, no matter what anybody is talking about, do that shit. If you feel called to do something, do that shit. If you feel limited in some type of way and you feel like you can’t do it how you want…do it how you can until you get to that point. there’s no real excuses, only the ones you make up in your head. Always have the end goal in mind but don’t get too immersed in that because the future is NOW & always will be.

Seventh Angelo is an amazing artist who honestly deserves a way bigger following. His ability to showcase his versatility in every song and being able to switch up the vibe is vital to music nowadays that most artists can’t do. His fan base may not be the biggest, but they rock with him heavily and they’re here to stay and support Angelo through thick and thin. The later half of 2021 should be a huge moment for Angelo as we could possibly anticipate a project from the man himself.

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