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XVXPARIS Brings the Rage on “BD!”

Rising artist XVXPARIS has been on my radar this last year with his unique sound and versatility in the music scene. The song that ultimately made me a huge fan of his was the single titled “WiWi,” which has an uptempo melody and hook.

Although that was the song that got me hooked, he just recently released a single with Grooverelly fan favorite producer Curtains. The single, titled “BD!” is a hit from start to finish. One thing that XVXPARIS knows is consistency and that’s making a hit song when it comes to the hook, chorus etc. 

The production knocks immediately as the drums hit before anything else mixed with the melody. XVXPARIS execute this beat flawlessly with the catchy ad-libs and aggressive vocals.

I’m still surprised how underrated XVXPARIS still is considering he has industry-level sounds. He’s a hidden gem and whenever his music gets into the right hands, it’s over for the signed artists. XVXPARIS is deserving of a much bigger fan base but until then, he does have a loyal following that will ride-or-die for him.

Check out “BD!” down below!

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