KillBunk Doesn’t Stop as He’s “On The Run”

Killbunk has been one of my favorite artists to watch this year as he’s just constantly dropping beautifully orchestrated music. The 17 year old is best known for his insanely catchy melodies along with his industry-level sound. He has been able to garner a huge fan base around him at such a young age as he currently has 109k followers on Instagram alone.

He recently dropped a potential viral-hit titled “On the Run,” which features production by @geehues and @dxnnyfxntom. The catchy hook will pull any listener in as pours his heart out in this song. The realistic standard that Killbunk sets in his music draws the listeners in as anybody could relate to the struggles of life.

The production features a very catchy guitar melody, compliments of @dxnnyfxntom and carries an uptempo style with the fast claps and banging-kicks. The 808’s hit very hard but nothing too wild as you can hear Killbunk vocals very well still.

It’s no surprise that Killbunk is on our radar as people just keep sleeping on him but I promise once you listen to him, you’ll be hooked.

Check out “On The Run” down below!


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