Showjoe Takes Care on “Rihanna”

Showjoe just keeps on making moves and at an exponential rate. Just a few weeks ago he was seen with Internet Money co-founder Nick Mira and happened to have a great time playing FIFA and recording some hits. 

It’s never a surprise though when Showjoe links up with commonly collaborated producers Vendr, Naawoj, and Zetra as they have always had a hit on their hands. He just released a single titled “Rihanna,” out of nowhere with little promo the day of and it’s a hit. 

He’s previewed this song a couple of times on his TikTok and his fans have been waiting patiently for him to drop. The digi-core beat really channels Showjoe’s true self as these types of productions have been his specialty. 

There’s truly nobody doing it like Showjoe as he’s proved to the world as well as his fans that he’s on his way up. His talent is insane but he is severely underrated still in which people are going to keep sleeping on him. They’ll catch up to the wave sooner than later.

Check out “Rihanna.” Down below!


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