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Lil Moe 6Blocka & Rooga Release Joint Mixtape “Scrappers”

Chicago has been blessed with two incredible artists that are making a real impact on their community. Lil Moe 6Blocka and Rooga are the perfect drill duo. Rooga and Lil Moe come from similar backgrounds and Rooga really took Lil Moe in as family. The two have been using music as a way to communicate what they are seeing in the streets. “Lil Moe taught me to never give up. He just hopped in and it happened for him. I’ve been pushing harder off how he’s moving,” says Rooga, a lynchpin of the Chicago rap scene since the release of his acclaimed 2016 tape, I Am Scrapp.

“Scrappers” has 9 tracks on the mixtape, “Scrappers” was an already released record that came out 11 months ago. “Scrappers” single really put Lil Moe and Rooga on the map, with the music video amassing over 7 million views on YouTube. When taking a deeper listen to the tape, “No Love” really stood out to me. The two Chicago rappers go bar for bar on the melodic track, with Rooga teaching Moe a better way to navigate life and Moe sparking a renewed hustle in his friend as they contemplate the changes they’ve seen in their hometown.

The mixtape’s title is a multi-faceted metaphor. It’s a nod of respect to Rooga’s little brother “Scrapp” and others they’ve lost –heartbreaking experiences that have left Moe and Rooga as the “scraps,” the remaining fragments. And it’s about scrapping –doing what you need to do to overcome. Keep a close eye on Lil Moe 6Blocka & Rooga in 2021.

Stream “Scrappers” Below.

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