Nxrvous & Kodiak Create A Tear Jerker EP “Pizza Night”

You may remember seeing a single from these two artists awhile back called “Untitled Luv” having this be one of the most played singles from Nxrvous discography. Before he dropped Chitown Weather but now we are blessed with a 3 song EP from these two artists. As they combined so perfectly on the first track together, they continuously prove that they are an amazing duo together.

My favorite being “Don’t Wanna Talk to U” bringing a pop bounce, but instead of your typical pop lyrics aiming for the radio placement where they aim for no swearing in their singles they do what THEY want to do. I think that’s what I love about them, they don’t do what people expect. Having Nxrvous on this verse of this he has such a subtle addition in his part where he bounces around the word “think” in your headphones. Letting Kodiak crush the chorus, creating such a catchy and ear-grabbing section of the song to combine sweet with Nxrvous.

Then we are given an Animal Crossing theme song, I just imagine the intro of every AC game where they are on the train introducing your character to the game. Front to back I was very impressed with the different styles they chose for the EP and it creates a build-up for what is coming up next for these two.

Listen To “Pizza Night” Below

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