BabySantana Shares The Spotlight with KASHDAMI on “14”

BabySantana and KASHDAMI have recently premiered their new collaborative music video on YouTube for the track “14”. the video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Lyrical Lemonade on July 20th 2021. The video was directed by Cole Bennett. In the music video, the pair can be heard trading bars over a mellow beat dominated by Rhodes-like synth chords. The first scene in the video starts with the duo sitting together in what seems to be a non-activated sauna room. In the next scene onward, the pair is seen walking around a open field filled with windmills. The pair is dressed in all white clothing, and the are crooning alongside a clothing rack with occasional gusts of wind. I believe the main purpose of this song being written is to celebrate youth and to congratulate one’s self for everything that a person has accomplished as a teenager. The song itself was released on New Year’s Day 2021 (half a year before the video) and the song was produced by Level.

You tell us! Is BabySantana one of the hottest artists in the game right now although he is under 18 years old? Do you think BabySantana will maintain relevancy as he becomes an adult? Check out the music video below!

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