Rocstaryoshi Brings the Rage on “Function”

Rocstaryoshi just unleashed his inner-vampire on his recently released single titled “Function” 

The versatility that Yoshi has been bringing to the table lately has been like no other as every song has had major twists and sounds nothing like the other. It’s not often that an artist improves on every track they release, but that’s been different with Yoshi as I have been quite impressed. Every release seems to blow the previous one in the dust as Yoshi has figured out how to put his own twist on the current trends in the emerging music scene.

On the beautiful yet intense production is Bailey & Malikaix8 , who are often familiarized with working with Yoshi. The vampire-style melody along with the heavy kicks and 808’s really show the rage that Yoshi has been building up.

The heavy and more vocal than ever lyrics really shy away from Yoshi’s typical style of sad-rap and get to unravel his anger on this track. 

Check out Function down below!


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