IMSICKOFJUN Emphasizes the Come-Up on “X6”

The mysterious persona that IMSICKOFJUN carries never fails to blow my mind. As he steadily works behind the scenes and creates amazing music, he’s still criminally underrated. 

Just recently, he released an exciting single titled “X6”, which is produced by Sharkboy. The rage that IMSICKOFJUN brings to this single is like no other as he puts together a very catchy hook which emphasizes his come-up compared to the times he was broke.

The confidence that is brought to the table by IMSICKOFJUN really shows that he’s in the game and is here to stay. Nobody wants it as much as him and he’s making it very clear in his insane work ethic as well as his masterpiece of music.

Just a reminder to keep an eye out on IMSICKOFJUN as he’s bound to blow up here sooner than later. 

Check out X6 down below!


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