Rocstaryoshi & MikeAlmighty Get Together on “Can’t Leave Me”

Rocstaryoshi and MikeAlmighty get together for an energetic yet soul-stirring single titled Can’t Leave Me. 

Rocstaryoshi is constantly mixing and blending different genres to keep his sound unique. He always brings his A game, and never disappoints which is why he is one of my favorite artists right now. The chorus is very catchy but chill which makes it a very melodic/mellow single.

The production, which is backed by gold & Billboard charting producer MikeAlmighty, is a masterpiece just in itself. Whether it’s the drums which hit differently or the very spacey melody, MikeAlmighty did his thing on this track undoubtedly.

Watching rocstaryoshi’s early success is very fascinating because so many people sleep on him. This young star will be making a lot of big moves here pretty soon and we’re all here for it. 

Check out the single below!


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