SNJU delivers Wavy New Cut “Glide & Swerve”

Canadian singer SNJU’s new song features spacey, synth-heavy production and atmospheric melodies from SNJU. Despite sharing vocal comparisons–and being Canadian–with The Weeknd, SNJU’s lyrics are much less dark and moody than Abel’s. When speaking on creating “Glide & Swerve” SNJU explained:

“This song was born a few years ago, pre-COVID, while I was on tour. It touches on that uneasy feeling all of us have when we’re in limbo; not where you used to be, but not where we want to be. I feel like presently, I’m better at not letting paranoid thoughts sneak in and I’m unapologetically just doing me. The chorus speaks to being carefree, gliding and swerving, feeling like you’re floating.”

Check out “Glide & Swerve” now!

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