Emma G – Leveling Up

Emma G releases a fresh new sound coming out of North Carolina. These past three years there has been a lot of breaking acts coming out of the Carolinas, Emma could very well be next. “Leveling Up” is all about the fantasy of leveling up in a relationship. The originality in Emma’s sound is so unique, you can tell there is real talent here. Emma G will meet you at the intersection of luscious vocals and badass energy. A huge fan of Ariana Grande and Chris Brown, she doesn’t disappoint with melodic flows and undeniable presence. Her masterful display of musicality is presented again with impeccable detail. I have never been the biggest fan of R&B but after hearing this I understand why people are so drawn to this sound. Emma really is putting on for the underground R&B scene. There isn’t a paved path yet for artists in the R&B scene, Emma has built herself a strong fanbase of all ages. Emma is a very empowering artist, aside from the music she is representing women across the world – her impact will have a snowball effect of youth wanting to follow in her footsteps.

I am very excited to see what Emma follows up with next! Keep an eye out for Emma G in 2021.

Stream “Leveling Up” Below.

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