Glaive & ericdoa Channel Each Others Emotions on “fuck this town”

Everyone’s favorite up and coming duo Glaive and ericdoa have returned with an uptempo yet emotional single titled “fuck this town.” 

It seems as though when these two get on a track together, it always gets the fans going as they never fail to disappoint. It’s very fascinating to observe both of their success. The mellow guitar beat mixed with subtle experimental electronic sounds really combine ericdoas’s style and Glaive’s style flawlessly. 

The way that the live-sound drums sound over the melody emphasize the rage and teenage angst that these two artists engage with within their lyrics.

With both ericdoa and Glaive being signed to Interscope, it seems as though that they haven’t lost a bit of their roots as they continue to bring the excitement that was there before they even signed. 

I truly believe that this is the beginning for these two young and talented artists as their mixing and vocals have gotten way better over the years and have that industry sound that a lot of the mainstream artists have. Although their music friendship speaks volumes as it is, their music speaks the most volume here as they have advanced a genuine friendship.

Check out their next new single down below!

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