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Who is New Cactus Jack Signee SoFaygo?

I’m sure at this point we’ve all heard of the 19-year-old artist hailing from Atlanta, SoFaygo, but who really is he? The artist has a mysterious presence to himself as he currently only has seven posts on Instagram and doesn’t post on his story as much as fans would like. 

SoFaygo(formerly known as $ofaygo), has been on a quick rise to stardom as he has a plethora of music to choose from within his discography. 

I had first found SoFaygo when he released his project titled “War” on SoundCloud, which was released back in the summer of 2019. The most popular single off of the project is “Clutch” which has a very laid back flow which really kick started Faygos career.

Fast forward to December 2020, SoFaygo dropped an album titled “After Me,” and I don’t think Faygo knew what was going to happen next after that release. That album would go on and change his life. 

Faygo gained a lot of traction from the younger generation as his hit single Knock Knock blew up on TikTok and has garnered 99k videos on the platform using the sound. The crazy thing? Knock Knock released back in January of 2020 and just started gaining popularity from the mainstream nearly a year later. With that being said, Knock Knock has been very successful for Faygo as he collaborated with phenomenal and highly successful music video director Cole Bennett for the song which was released back in May. Since the video was released, it has accumulated nearly 20 million views on YouTube.

While Knock Knock was successful for Faygo, he also got the attention of very popular artist Travis Scott, the Cactus Jack Label CEO. Not too long after Travis got ahold of Faygos music, he ended up signing a deal with the Cactus Jack Label which features Travis, Don Toliver, Sheck Wes just to name a few. 

Some would even say that Faygo was one of the originators of this new “rage” sound as his single Off The Map gathered the attention of Atlanta native Trippie Redd in which in my opinion, was a big influence on Miss the Rage. 

It is with no doubt that SoFaygo is on a route to success and those that are putting him on are doing an amazing job catching him early. He is absolutely bound to be a household name in the next couple of years if Travis can utilize his sound properly.

Recommended first songs: Off The Map, Everyday, The World Is Yours.

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