AViT Gets Vocal on “Lilith”

The Spotify Release Radar never fails to amaze me as it has introduced me to so many underrated and underappreciated artists. To be specific though, I was introduced to an artist by the name of AViT. The song that ultimately got me hooked to them was the single titled Lilith, which was released just a couple days ago.

The self-produced track displays a lot of experimental electronic instruments mixed with pop punk. I wish I could put a label on it but it reminds me of Evanescence mixed with hyperpop. Their most recent single is very uptempo and very heartfelt. If you really pay attention to the lyrics that are being said, you’d see how deep this song really is. 

It’s no doubt that AViT has a bright future ahead of themselves as they haven’t disappointed in every song I’ve listened to since I first heard Lilith. Check out their new single below! 


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