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Andrew Fletcher Brightens The Room With “Let The Light In” (EP)

Andrew Fletcher releases a memory that will last forever, with a COVID ep. Since he started writing for this project over a year ago when COVID first started. Being stuck in his room like we all were, he took advantage of the situation we were all given. With the help from Brandon Joseph which you may know for his music, he helped with the production behind a few tracks amongst this project. With his EP gaining the traction he will be releasing a music video for one of the songs on this album.

I think a lot of people can relate to Andrew with the meaning of this EP as this COVID situation has taken a big toll on a lot of people’s mental health, and even their physical health. Which he took the time to write through the high and lows he had during some self-transformation throughout COVID. He wanted to show the true form of himself and he wanted to be authentically him. With each track, it brings something new. With the smoothest of transitions, it makes you think that his entire ep is looped into one beautiful song.

An for whoever comes across this should checkout Andrew’s bandcamp for the single he has put on their if you purchase the EP, you will be blessed with an exclusive track titled “mind bath”. With such a beautiful put together EP, Andrew is going to be an artist that is going to continue to grow putting master pieces together for his fans.

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