“Rose Gold!” Single – Q&A with Max Wells

Sometimes choosing the right single(s) to tease a project can be a very difficult task… It has to let the audience get a glimpse into the future sounds of your production. Some might say you must be sprung about the song you choose. Needless to say, “Max Wells” felt activated to abduct your ears with his latest single “Rose Gold!” This is the second single to showcase the vibes from “SELF/LESS,” the title of his EP, expected to release June 11. It is destined to be a true 2021 banger!

“Phone Home,” a phrase coined by the alien in the movie E.T., is used in the song from the perspective of Max taking careful yet groundbreaking moves in his personal life. He raps like an alien over the trance-like, bass pumping Trenchwerk/Nard & B instrumental. Mastered by Mike Tucci, and mixed by Wizzo, this track is a complete representation of the experimental mind that is Max Wells. There is also an eye-catching visualizer to go along with the production. Upon listening to the new track, some questions arose for Max, his answers follow:

Question 1: What is your name outside of music?

Max Wells: “My name is actually Maxwell hahaha… I knew I couldn’t use that as my stage name though cuz of the singer… But I wanted to stay close still! So, I split it in two.”

Q2: When/Where were you born, and how long have you been making music?

Max Wells: “I was born in Saint Joseph, Michigan in 1995! I’ve been writing and experimenting with sounds for as long as I knew how to! But started taking things way more serious once I got out of High School.”

Q3: How did concept for the “Rose Gold!” visualizer come about?

Max Wells: “Honestly, that song made me feel like an alien or outta my somethin’ to begin with… I made it shortly after finding out I was gonna be a Father and kinda just put myself in the shoes of a winner. This artist @chinatoad does super cool art/claymation stuff and we’ve worked together before, so I figured they’d be perfect to help bring the vision to life  I love how it turned out like a lil movie haha.”

Q4:  What sparks your inspiration most to get you recording/writing new songs?

Max Wells: “Life! Not to be cliché lol… but all my songs are inspired by lessons I’ve learned things I’ve felt and things I’ve dreamt… Me recording is just bringing it to life.”

Q5: What would be your first crime on purge night?

Max Wells: “I’d probably lick on as much food as I can… especially fruits and veggies cuz that shit should be free anyway.”

Q6: Describe your perfect vacation destination, and why?

Max Wells: “Honestly, ANYWHERE that’s quiet, warm, near water and with some kind of view of nature… doesn’t need to be much… when I’m (on) vacation I’m just tryna chill and be as present as I can. I’d rather not be around a ton of tourists lol.”

Take a moment to check out the visuals for the track Rose Gold! below And/or follow him on Instagram by clicking here. #staytuned.



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