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This has to be one of my favorite artists right now, when I first discovered his song “Everybody” he gave me such Kendrick Lamar vibes, and every person I sent this song to said the same thing. Then he recently has dropped his second ep ZERO Demo. with 4 new songs adding to his discography, the 4 songs are; Art of Being “Carefree”, “WIT DA CREW!”, “CLUELESS.”, and “WHO AM I?”. These being just like his last EP, such high-quality music that a lot of fans that are lovers of Kendrick would enjoy. Treating each song as a canvas, having a whole 2 minutes to do what he wants, having an endless amount of space for creativity. He keeps the intro track as a lyric-less track beside the voice tape you hear.

Then we move onto a punch in the face starting with a heavy 808, we are moving onto my favorite track of this EP “WIT DA CREW!” which is keeping you bopping your head as he hits you with a drake vibe right after. He also shows off his R&B taste in this showing he could vibe with similar artists linked with OVO like Roy Woods for example. These are some big comparisons I am making from Kendrick to Roy. But if you take the time to this and his first EP Rehab demo. You will understand why I am making these comparisons.

With two quick ep’s in 2021, this is an artist that soon will be known name and you will be seeing a lot of articles from me about AUNDREY. This artist has the sky as his limit, with endless amounts of potential. This artist is a hidden gem just waiting to be found.

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