Skele Explores the Darkness In Relationships with New Song “treat me terrible”

Skele is no newcomer in the field of writing darker and melancholic songs touching on the subject of relationships and in his new song “treat me terrible” he does just that. With the help of Nevrfall, Skele creates a masterpiece reminiscent of Guccihighwater’s “Post Death” and 2016 Lil Peep. With guitar leads that send my body into full goosebumps and drums to bring it all together perfectly, Nevrfall killed it. Skele’s voice and lyrics are on the same caliber and Nevrfall’s, beat encapsulating the pain and emotions in his words. Skele’s words and flow create the perfect atmosphere and conveys what he is saying, bringing you close and personal to a partner treating you terrible. Overall an amazing song reminiscent of the peak of the earlier melancholic soundcloud scene but with Skele’s powerful vocals and Nevrfall’s perfectly complementing beats. Be sure to check out “treat me terrible” and watch our half hour interview with Skele.

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