Morray Makes A Proving Point With Freshman Album “Street Sermons”

Wow, the day has finally come. A Morray project. It was October of last year when the hype train behind Morray was building when Quicksand first dropped and his numbers started to go on the rise. Then he gained a large amount of traction when the headline of “J Cole co-signs new artist” when it was just J-Cole hearing the talent Morray has and was giving him the advice to make it out. An artist that has been living in the same house since the day he started “blowing up”. If you were scrolling through Instagram a few days before the night of the drop, you may have seen that Morray was nervous, nervous that people won’t enjoy the project. When an artist works on an album/project they put everything into it, especially their first album the world is going to disgust.

Now let us move onto the album, we were given a 13 piece project. With Trenches, Quicksand, Big Decisions, Kingdom and Switched Up being re-released onto the album, we are left with 9 beautiful, thought-out songs. Going through the album, Morray used this project to tell the world what has been happening in the last year of his life, the amount of gratitude he has for God, and for everyone that has supported him through his journey. The things he didn’t have and what he had to fight for.

A standout track in my eyes and I believe a lot of people can agree is “Can’t Use Me” with a catchy melodic single, you can hear many remixes going to be made with this. You could hear a feature from multiple people from Polo G to Rod Wave. Discussing how the people that were with him through it all before the fame, have just been different ever since everything has been coming together. Another track that stood out was the closing track. A very melodic album, he closes in his feels with a boost of confidence. The beat giving you a happy melodic vibe. As his voice is soft over the beat, making you think he is going to sing about all the bad times but instead he is singing about how everything from last year is different and how each single as he would put is “slapping” An amazing way to close off an amazing first album of his career.

Listen to “Street Sermons” below now!

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