New Artist On The Rise sendflowrs With His New Single “novocaine”

OKAY so let me just cut to the chase, we have a hyper pop artist that needs a little more spotlight. Hear me out, we have sendflowrs. An artist based in the UK, Leicester to be more exact. His name is Harry and he is 23 years old, an artist I recently came across as he is in the hyper pop scene. I was talking to the artist about his new single “novocaine” and we came to the agreement that he has locked into his sound, this was the single that showed his true sound.

As discussed with him in more detail, he went along and shared some of his inspirations and who he looked up to from when he was in a band. starting with The Story So Far, Moose Blood, and some earlier emo bands like Sunny Day Real Estate. These were some of the bands that got him into making music, after the phase of being in a band, and not being able to find others interested he found himself diving into SoundCloud. This is when he was starting to grow into the sound he has now with Hyper Pop, coming from inspirations like Kurtains, brakence, glaive and the list could go on and on, as he sounds tied into the community you are going to start seeing his name a lot more, as he continues to grow.

I hope whoever comes across this article about sendflowrs, turns into a fan of this growing artist. As he continues to work on new drops, be ready for him to have a crazy 2021, he puts everything he has into each single, to give you his best work with each drop. I can’t wait to see what you have next.

Listen To “novocaine” Below!

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