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BBY GOYARD is Taking Electronic Pop to a New Level On New Release “Summoner”

BBY GOYARD is paving a new sound that is similar to electro pop and hyper pop. While not sound like one or the other, BBY GOYARD is changing things up on "Summoner".

BBY GOYARD has been on my radar for quite some time. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this new wave of experimental pop music. His flow is so unique and the way his vocals sound is futuristic. He is pioneering a new sound that is a mixture of different sub genres. It could be considered a blend of experimental electro pop & hyper pop. He really is in his own lane. The best way to listen to this guy is on full blast without distractions. If you break down the beat, it doesn’t make sense that someone could record over the beat with such ease. The question I have for BBY GOYARD and artists alike, what is the ceiling for this sound? Will they take it to the charts and sell a stadium out? Most likely not. Most songs in this genre that chart is solely because of tiktok. This sound has found its cult audience and place in music. The sound is always changing and fans are supporting GOYARD like crazy, so who knows what the future will hold for him and the sound. 

“Summoner” was produced by up and pc noise wizards Taylor Morgan x 4evr. These two are creating super ambient vibes and killed it on “Summoner”. The 808’s and hi hats were perfectly placed and made thighs such a vibe. There isn’t much direction online for creating a beat like “Summoner”, these guys are taking it to a new level. BBY GOYARD’s lyrics aren’t the most impressive and meaningful, he sings of girls and partying. He has a “fuck you watch what Ima do” cadence. When listening I find myself closing my eyes or taking my attention off whatever I am doing to just relax. You really can’t listen to this dude without your speaker on full volume.

I am super stoked to see where BBY GOYARD is at the end of the year and what success he has. His growth from this year has been slow and steady. He has created a solid and loyal fanbase across social platforms. I can’t stress enough how important community building is in this new streaming era. 

Stream “Summoner” below. 

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